Dacha - Infinity Official Satellite Tournament

Moscow, February 23-24. 300pts, Soldiers of Fortune

The tournament will take place in Cultural Center «Moskvich», Moscow.
Current players limit is 50, but we hope to push it to 60 (maybe even more).
Missions are about to be decided.
Format: 300 pts, Soldiers of Fortune.
For now you just need to fill tournament application.
First round of payments will start at November 12 and finish at December 12. Then there will be second round of payments.
Price for participation is 30 euro, you will receive exact payment info after application.
If you wan't to become a sponsor - mail warpghost92@gmail.com for details.


Tournament Features

300 pts, Soldiers of Fortune

Your face will melt for sure

50 players limit

Size may grow after first payment round





None so far!

Waiting for payment

None so far!

Waiting for spot

None so far!